Nova Vita Housing Cooperative
Disaster Preparedness  & Block watch Committee:

In light of current natural disasters and earthquakes around the world, it is prudent to form a Disaster Preparedness Team in this Co-op. If you have experience in first aid, rescue and building safety, this committee needs someone like you.

Environmental Sustainability Committee:

Are you passionate about the environment? Have some great ideas about recycling, landscaping, saving energy? This Committee is responsible for all of the exterior gardening and landscaping of the Co-op in common areas, as well as promoting recycling, composting and other environmentally sound practices.

Finance Committee:

This Committee helps keep track of budgets and help the Board make informed decisions on financial matters.

Housekeeping Committee:

Members of this Committee help keep the common spaces, such as common and laundry rooms, clean and tidy.

Maintenance Committee:

Are you Mr./Ms. Fix-it who likes to fix things? Well, this Committee needs and wants people like you to help maintain the Co-op property. It would be great if you are an electrician or a plumber by trade, but generally you don’t need any license to join this Team. Your desire to help and your commitment to keep this Co-op a financially sustainable community are all we need.

Membership Committee:

Checking references, interviewing and screening new members! Sounds like something in your expertise? Please join this Committee to carry out these important tasks.

Parking Committee:

Members of this Committee make sure that all members of the Coop follow parking regulations.

Social Committee:

Are you sociable and friendly?...  This Committee to organize social events, Generals Meeting for the Co-op.

99 - 7166 Barnet Road, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1C8


As indicated in the Occupancy Agreement, all adult Members (eighteen years old or older) are required to work a minimum 4 hours per month in running the Co-op affairs. Members are also encouraged to propose ideas and initiate actions that benefit the Co-op and make this Co-op a safe, friendly, green and financially sustainable community.

Most of the opportunities for contribution are through getting involved in various committees: